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GSM-R is the new wireless communication standard for railway networks. It has been developed under European Union sponsorship to assist railways in achieving their goals of network interoperability, reduced operational costs, improved safety at higher speeds, and delivery of new services for the benefit of passengers and employees.


GSM-R Terminals & Applications


GSM-R Terminals

Nortel has put important resources in place for interoperability testing and runs a multitude of testing campaigns in dedicated interoperability testing labs. These interoperability testing campaigns allow the faster integration, and more precise and cost-efficient testing than in the field.

Nortel works closely with leading GSM-R terminal equipment suppliers to ensure the timely and comprehensive end-to-end interoperability testing.

GSM-R Terminal Types:

• General Purposes Handheld (GPH)
• Operational Purposes Handheld (OPH)
• OPS (Operational Purposes Handheld Shunting)
• Cab radios
• Dispatcher Terminals


GSM-R Applications

GSM-R services standardized within ETSI are collectively called the Advanced Speech Call Items (ASCI). ASCI comprises of the following three services:

• eMLPP (enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption) allows resource preemption for priority/ emergency calls
• VBS (Voice Broadcast Services) allows groups of users to receive common information
• VGCS (Voice Group Call Service) allows groups of users to make calls within/among the groups

Examples for Railway features are:

• Functional Addressing and presentation of the functional numbers
• Location Dependent Addressing
• Access Matrix
• Emergency Calls
• Group Calls


• Find the GSM-R Publication about Litrail


• GSM-R Brochure


• GSM-R Customers



Nortel’s GSM-R Customers

– RFF France (National Network)
– Kapsch CarrierCom / Slovak Railways Slovakia
– Deutsche Bahn Germany (Dispatcher Network)
– Marconi / West Coast Main Line United Kingdom
– Deutsche Bahn Germany (National Network)
– Eastern Railway India
– Kapsch CarrierCom / Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SZDC)
– Renfe Spain (Bilbao – Santander CL)
– Network Rail United Kingdom (National Network)

– China Ministry of Railways China (Tibet line)
– DB Germany (BSS extension)
– SNCF France (NOC Extension)
– Channel Tunnel Rail Link United Kingdom
– ZSR Slovakia (Extension of GSM-R pilot)
– Network Rail UK (SIM Card Supply)
– Network Rail UK (Cabradio integration)
– Ministry of Railways China (Extension Tibet line)
– SNCF France (Network Operation Center)
– MoR China (National Core Network)
– RFI Italy (BSS GPRS upgrade)

– OBB Austria (national)
– CD Czech Republic (extension)
– MoR China (HSL)
– SNEF/Anesrif Algeria (CL)
– NRIC Bulgaria (CL)
– Alstom/Anesrif Algeria(CL)
– LitRail Lithuania (national)
– CAF Spain (Cabradios)
– SNTF Algeria (GSM-R Network)
– TP Ferro (Figueras – Perpignan HSL)
– Indian Railways (Uttar Pradesh)
– RFF France (PPP)

– OBB Austria (national)
– CD Czech Republic (extension)
– MoR China (HSL)
– SNEF/Anesrif Algeria (CL)
– NRIC Bulgaria (CL)
– Alstom/Anesrif Algeria(CL)
– LitRail Lithuania (national)