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GSM-R services and applications

GSM-R as a technology provides advanced voice services which have been designed and approved by the railways. As part of the managed services offer, we are able to offer a platform that can support the following features:

• Standard GSM features such as point-to-point voice and Short Messaging Service (SMS) between in-cab radios, handheld radios inside trains, signalers, controllers, shunting crew, and track-side workers. In addition, the platform can also support supplementary services such as call waiting, call forwarding, etc.

• Advanced Call Speech Items (ASCI): Call Pre-emption, Voice Group Calling Service, Voice Broadcast Service

• Railway Specific Features: Functional Addressing, Access Matrix, and (enhanced) Location Based Addressing
The platform also provides a Circuit Switched Data service (CSD) at 9.6 kbps that can be the bearer of data for a large variety of applications such as automatic timetable downloads, data logging, train speed management systems, and with the potential to offer a train control system (ETCS L2). In addition, as a future platform enhancement, GPRS can be offered as the bearer of data for non-critical safety systems such as passenger information systems, train diagnostics, and many other applications.

The following diagram is the architectural framework of the services that can be offered by the GSM-R network:


gsmr 1


Standard GSM features but also ACSI features are standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) whereas railway operator aspects and railway applications are treated by EIRENE and MORANE.