Category: Data Transmission


Identity Engines Portfolio

The Avaya Identity Engines portfolio integrates with the network infrastructure to provide the central policy decision needed to enforce role-based network access control. These products offer an open, standards-based and holistic network identity management structure. The structure is accomplished by combining the best elements of a next-generation RADIUS/AAA server, the deep directory integration found in application identity offerings, and one of the industry’s most advanced policy engines. All this is done out-of-band for maximum scalability and cost effectiveness.


Avaya Data Solutions Management

This fully integrated suite of tools provides unified management capabilities across data and voice networks—including switches, routers, and call servers. It offers a single view of the network, allowing businesses to streamline and integrate workflows. The tools also reduce installation, configuration and maintenance time.

That deep integration allows common components (such as user data and database information) to be shared without requiring the same definitions and configurations be repeated for each application. The software helps organizations quickly isolate and troubleshoot events, detect and report on network traffic flows, and configure filters and devices. Time to resolution can be reduced.

Supporting heterogeneous network infrastructures, this comprehensive toolset allows companies to more effectively address the management of faults, configuration, performance and security.