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Video Surveillance System


Construction of video surveillance systems is one of key fields of activity of Belam-Riga. Our solution portfolio covers both simple tasks for 5-10 cameras and advanced ones, such as thermal video surveillance, number registration and many others. Long experience in implementation of integration solutions allows us constructing systems using the existing Customer’s equipment and cable network by means of complete or partial integration. Thus, we allow keeping the investments made earlier.

Belam-Rīga official distributer of Dahua Technology solutions.


Belam-Riga pays special attention to ensure system safety and fault tolerance. For the most part our constructed systems have:

• large operational reserve in case of power loss;

• adequate grounding;

• data transmission redundancy.


Please see below description of some standard systems implemented by Belam-Riga:


WiFi-Based Video Surveillance System

Cameras’ signal is transmitted via wireless data transmission system, which allows Customers to reduce cable works-related expenses when installing the system and ensure installation of cameras in the most hard-to-reach places. Apart from the advantages above, the system allows Customers to move easily cameras to new places and expand the system. The solution is optimal for companies with impeded possibilities of cable installation.


Thermal Video Surveillance System

The system allows registering unacceptable temperature perturbations. When constructing the system, we pay special attention to timely registration of critical information and informing the Customer. The solution is optimal for companies operating in such conditions, when temperature perturbation is critical (fuel terminals, industrial premises etc.)


Video Surveillance System with Number Identification

The system and its analytics allows the Customer to get a quality product to solve the tasks related to registration of arriving/leaving transport within the observation sector. At any moment our Customer can not only watch video records for the specified period but also see a list of numbers (with time association) of all the transport that was present within the coverage area of video cameras. The system is optimal for use in logistics centres, border points etc.



The offered cameras might be divided into 3 principal types:

• Network (IP) – this type of camera uses IP technologies for data transmission. The main advantage is the image quality;

• Analogue – this type of camera gradually gives way to IP cameras. The main advantage is the price and light sensitivity;

• PTZ – specialized cameras which allow target (controllable) surveillance. ;




Below are represented the main products for each type of camera:

Network (IP)



Standart (D1, 1.3Mp) Standart 600TVL-700TVL Analogue
HD (2-5Mp) WDR Network
HD with optical zoom HD-SDI HD-SDI