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The products catalogue includes flexible and secure multifunctional access platforms. Telecommunication service providers are the ones who order KEYMILE equipment. Using KEYMILE equipment, they implement a wide range of network scenarios: from access networks with thousands of subscribers to several nodes with point-to-point connections.


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Access platforms by KEYMILE allow transferring various voice services and data transmission services via copper and optical fibre cable. The system allows combining Ethernet/IP, ATM/TDM and SDH/PDH technologies. It ensures effective migration to NGN package networks.

By applying multiservice transmission systems, telecommunications providers can transfer all the data via a single universal system, thus standardizing their network.

Product series offered by Belam:

• Milegate




MileGate is a flexible access and transmission platform that can provide Ethernet and native TDM technology from a single subrack. It provides connections to users and access points via copper wires and optical fibre.


The MileGate family combines on the IP/Ethernet basis a broadband access, telephony and data transmission interfaces in a compact multifunctional carrier class access platform. Thus, network operators get a possibility to provide simultaneously traditional telephony and broadband services, migrate to new generation NGN networks, and offer Triple Play and broadband business services. MileGate has a hybrid-type system module that allows providing simultaneously TDM services and IP/Ethernet technologies-based services, thus ensuring smooth migration from traditional telephony services to VoIP and data transmission.

MileGate boasts a hybrid TDM and Ethernet backplane with a connection of up to 10 GBE per slot; this ensures high performance for Ethernet services. Traditional services like analogue telephony, synchronous and asynchronous low bandwidth TDM connections; and interfaces, such as X/V, E&M, or E1, can also be provided thanks to its TDM capabilities. Carrier class protection and redundancy functions for TDM and Ethernet connections ensure highest availability. The following transport possibilities are available in MileGate: n x 2 Mbps for PDH networks, STM-1/-4 for SDH networks including EoS, and n x 1 GbE or 10 GbE for Ethernet networks. Single network nodes can also be connected via n x SHDSL trunks.




UMUX family is a next generation multiservice access system that offers a large field of application for owners of public and private networks. It offers various multiservice features: from regular data transfer services to VoIP-Media-Gateway functionality.

UMUX platform offers V5.x- and VoIP-Media-Gateway functions and supports uninterruptible migration from traditional language services up to VoIP. Owing to two structure sizes, the UMUX platform can be flexibly adjusted to conditions at an installation site. In addition, owing to secure design and extended temperature range, it can be used in a cable distributor in unfavourable ambient conditions.